Give PyCharm the Look and Feel of Atom

PyCharm is by far my preferred python IDE. It offers helpful syntax highlighting and debugging features that are mostly unmatched by programming applications such as Sublime Text and Atom. The only gripe I've had with PyCharm is the limited (rather [Read More]

What It's Like to Intern at Facebook

This past summer, I had my first internship at Facebook. It was a very valuable experience, and in this post I would like to share my thoughts about the experience, from the application process to the company culture, and the [Read More]

Dara Khosrowshahi Named New Uber CEO

Congratulations to new Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi! The next CEO of Uber will be Dara Khosrowshahi of Expedia, the dark horse candidate. Amazing.— ಠ_ಠ (@MikeIsaac) August 28, 2017 Based on his successful stint as [Read More]