I’ve followed cars religiously since I was 3. My dad used to work for a car company, and often times he’d entertain me by drawing pictures of cars. The artwork marked the start of a passion and hobby that defines me to this day. My dream is to one day buy an E92 BMW M3 as my first car, but if money wasn’t a factor, here are the top 5 cars I’d consider:

BMW E92 M3

This is an all-time classic that one day will be as sought after as the E30 M3. Featuring a naturally aspirated V8 engine that literally bulges out of the hood, this screaming beauty has mean looks while retaining elegant M bodywork that makes it truly stand out from other 3 series BMWs. It’s a real shame how the new M3/M4 just isn’t as beautiful, doesn’t sound as good, and doesn’t beat out its competitors as this car did in its day. Best of all is its 8,000+ RPM redline!

Porsche Cayman GTS

Forget the 911. This car may be down on power from the 911, but it’s lighter, more nimble, has a better sounding engine, and doesn’t suffer from being so wide. The best part of this car is the insane exhaust, it’s just silly how many bangs and crackles come out of this car’s exhaust!

Lexus LFA

Perhaps my favorite car of all time. It’s certainly Jeremy Clarkson’s favorite car. It’s not a particularly pretty car, the tech feels archaic inside, and it has a really laggy transmission. But the naturally aspirated V10 engine in this car is so good, it deems all the rest of the car’s flaws irrelevant. While cars with V10s (E60 BMW M5, Lamborghini Gallardo, Huracan, Dodge Viper) are generally praised for their engines, this engine from the LFA sounds more like a formula 1 engine:

Mercedes Benz C63 AMG

Unlike the new M3 which has been corrupted by forced induction and has sacrificed its V8 for an inline 6 engine, the new C63 has stayed loyal to the V8 family despite tacking on turbochargers. Strangely though, I really like the sound of this engine over the old one. It’s got a much deeper tone to it, and the blipping sound of the upshifts is just surreal:

Aston Martin DB9

It’s a pretty old car, it’s already been replaced by the new Aston Martin DB11, but I consider this one of the most beautiful cars of all time. It also sounds better than the DB11, because of its higher displacement, naturally aspirated V12: