Academic Bio: I'm a third year undergraduate student at UC Berkeley, majoring in Computer Science. I currently conduct research on Robotics and Reinforcement Learning under Prof. Levine at the Berkeley AI Research Lab. I was an undergraduate student instructor for CS 189 - Machine Learning with Prof. Shewchuk, and currently with Prof. Sahai. This past summer I was a Software Engineering Intern at Facebook. Refer to my resume for full details.

Personal Bio: I was born in Tehran, Iran and lived there until I was eight. Then I immigrated to the United States with my family to the California Bay Area. I come from a family of educated engineers and doctors. My parents have pushed me very hard in my academic studies and have encouraged me to pursue graduate school and start my own business. Aside from academics, my personal hobbies include a variety of sports, including biking, running, soccer, and weight lifting. In addition, I have had a huge interest in cars since I was a young child. In the future I hope to attain a collection of exotic cars!

Why I Blog

I started my blog in Summer 2017, in the hopes of sharing my thoughts on a variety of topics and issues affecting us today. In my blog, I focus on writing about three major topics:

Computer Science and Tech: My interest in computer science goes back to 8th grade, when I picked up a Java book for the first time and learned about for loops and functions and classes. Later in high school I participated in algorithmic contests like USACO and took community college courses in C++, Data Structures, and Assembly Programming. At UC Berkeley, I decided to focus on Machine Learning (ML) and Reinforcement Learning (RL) for robotics. RL is particularly interesting, because it is a developing field which is present exclusively in research circles and has not yet been introduced into mainstream CS education. I hope that my Deep RL Guide will be helpful to those interested in learning more about this field. In addition, I write about my personal experience interning at Facebook. More generally I plan on sharing my thoughts on the direction of the Tech Industry and the social and cultural developments there.

The UC Berkeley Experience: UC Berkeley is a fantastic school that offers a world-class education at a fraction of the cost. It's a very active, lively school with a very diverse group of people. Of course, like any other school, it's not perfect and has its annoyances as well. In this blog I plan to write about my personal journey at UC Berkeley, from my initial impressions of the school, to the dorm experience, the academics, the social scene, the food choices, the city of Berkeley itself, and what I would have done differently if I started all over again.

Contemporary Society: In the modern era of the Digital Revolution, much of our positions and beliefs have been shaped by big online media companies. The work of these companies has certainly been beneficial to our society. For one, they have large research and legal divisions that scrutinize the government and hold our politicians accountable. In addition, they bring attention to the public about the major issues of the day and bring about change. Unfortunately however, their efforts appear compromised by their constant dependence on funds from donors and advertisers, their unequal treatment of certain issues over others, their efforts to entertain people rather than present the news in its true form, and the political partisanship that defines their creed. For these reasons, I think it's important for us to also hear personal stories from people like you and me. A great way to achieve this goal is through online personal blogs that have the potential to reach millions of people. In this blog I plan to share my thoughts on the contemporary world, with the intention of staying as fair-minded as possible to all sides of the issues.